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BOV Aviation Outlook 2017

10 May 2017 / by Quaero

QuAero was amongst other interested participants at the BOV Aviation Outlook Seminar 2017. The operation of Regional Carriers from or to the island of  Malta was discussed this year by a number of  invited speakers and members of the audience.

QuAero also congratulates the various winners of the Aviation Awards 2017.

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courtesy of Bank of Valletta ( BOV )


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Another historic first!

31 March 2017 / by Quaero

Congratulations SpaceX on a historic achievement: Relaunch of Falcon 9 First Stage on the SES-10 mission. This was the first time that a booster was reused after a previous launch. It should lead to a lower cost to orbit, and eventually, Mars. Chapeau, SpaceX!

Space X launch – SES 10

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