Research & Innovation (R&I)

During the process of designing new flight deck systems, it is best that the end-users (i.e. the pilots) are involved from the very early stages of the design process.  Research engineers, whilst having the technical expertise to develop new systems, do not have the operational expertise of a pilot.  This is where QuAero comes in. We have well over 50,000 hours of flying experience and to date we have participated in numerous simulator evaluations and provided invaluable feedback during the design process of new flight deck systems.


QuAero offers the services of qualified and highly-experienced instructors who can offer training in:

-    Crew Resource Management (CRM)

-    Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP)

-    Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC)

-    Flight Dispatcher Training

-    ATPL Ground Theory

All of our team members are backed by several thousand hours of on-line experience. Our team of instructors has been involved in numerous type-ratings, conversion and technical knowledge instruction courses.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a structured, proactive and integrated approach to managing safety in an organisation. An SMS moves beyond a traditional compliance with prescriptive regulations to a systems-based approach, based on safety plans, safety performance indicators and methods of continuous monitoring and improvement of the safety performance of the organisation. Safety Management provides a risk-based decision-making process across all relevant areas of the business.

QuAero can provide you with an SMS framework in compliance with your state regulations, accompanied by a software solution to facilitate the implementation of this system within your organisation.

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