Current Activities

Clean Flight 2

Clean Flight 2 is a Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) funded project under contract number R&I-2013-025 and builds on the results of the Clean Flight project which was also funded by the MCST under contract number R&I-2011-021. Clean Flight 2 will further develop the technology and concept of operations (CONOPS) for optimal climbs and descents of commercial air transports within Maltese airspace by reducing fuel burn and emissions.

The project will also pave the way for the introduction into commercial operation of the technologies and techniques developed in the said projects. Accordingly, Clean Flight 2
will focus on two pillars of activity. The first is the further development of technology to handle more complex traffic scenarios and to provide more functionality for traffic planning and the refinement of the CONOPS. The second involves conducting of live, in-trial operations, which will bring in commercial operators (airlines) and Air Navigation
Service Providers (air traffic control organisations). The project will contribute to the alignment of the national R&I programme with the scope of the European Framework Programmes (FP7 and Horizon 2020) by twinning and bringing in synergies with the SESAR / SESAR2, CLEAN SKY / CLEAN SKY 2 and ACROSS projects.

QuAero is a partner with the University of Malta and Malta Air Traffic Services on the Clean Flight 2 project.

Touch Flight 2 / ePM

The Touch-Flight 2/ePM project funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) under contract number R&I-2015-15-V will buildon the results of the Touch-Flight project which was also funded by the MCST under contract number R&I-2012-065. The focus of Touch-Flight 2/ePM shall be to extend the original concept to now focus on multiple communication channels, including the Touch-Flight console, to further reduce pilot workload, thus contributing to increased operational safety and potentially act as a key enabler to reduced crew operations on board large transport category of aircraft.

Within the scope of the project, a prototype interactive Human Machine Interface will be built and the concept developed within the project evaluated and demonstrated to industry.

QuAero is an equal share partner in the Touch-Flight 2/ePM project with the University of Malta.


The processes adopted today by MROs (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) organisations are highly integrated at the back end, with back offices working closely with stakeholders such as the customer (the aircraft owner / operator), manufacturers and airworthiness organisations to plan the MRO jobs that have to be implemented by aircraft technicians on the job floor.  These jobs may be complex, involving several thousands of person hours to carry out.  Due to the nature of the business, all tasks are defined by job cards that relate to specific manuals and repair procedures, require the use of specific replacement parts and tools, etc. and all the work that is performed needs to be documented and tracked for traceability purposes.  This, currently is done throughout the industry via a paper-heavy system which also renders it relatively inefficient from a time and motion perspective on the shop floor.

eMRO will develop the basis of an electronic system that automatically generates a set of electronic job cards for the aircraft technician, provides electronic linkage to relevant documentation (such as the aircraft maintenance manuals), listing of spares and tools needed, electronic tagging of said parts and tools used and electronic sign off on a hand-held device that the aircraft technician can use in a convenient manner.  Such a system will be linked to a centralised electronic archive via a secure wireless data network (WIFI) to ensure satisfactory traceability of all documentation as required by the regulatory framework.

Training with AlphaOne

Alpha One, formed by 3 partner companies (BizAv, Quaero and Meridian8), is focused on high-end ground operations training and is offering attractive courses based on latest regulatory standards and innovative teaching techniques.

We are presently involved in a new Flight Operations Officer training course due to start in Q4 2016.


Hyperion have engaged QuAero for the past years to provide recurrent CRM training for its cockpit crews.

Past Activities

SMS for Air Horizont

'Clean Flight' - R&I

Being physically cut off from mainland Europe and a top tourist destination, Malta is highly dependent on air travel. Such air traffic, while being central to our economy, is also a green gas contributor. It is estimated that no less than 100,000 tonnes of harmful emissions are released over Malta each year. The objectives of Clean Flight are to reduce fuel consumption, keep airline operating costs down and minimise the impact of fuel emissions on our environment. The project, coordinated by Ing. Kenneth Chircop from the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Malta, addresses the latter through the optimisation of flight profiles of commercial aircraft flying in and out of the Maltese airspace. New and emerging technologies in flight trajectory optimisation and weather information management will be used to design and develop a new ground-based concept to coordinate optimal flight operations and enable pilots to fly better trajectories for minimal fuel burn and reduced emissions. To achieve its goals, the University of Malta has partnered with QuAero Ltd, an industrial partner made up of a team of experienced practicing flight crew who provide consultancy services and solutions in the aeronautics industry.

'Touch Flight' - R&I

Pilots currently fly civil air transport aircraft primarily through direct interaction with the autopilot and flight management system (FMS), providing inputs via the flight control unit (FCU) on the cockpit glareshield or via the control and display units on the central pedestal. Involving International cooperation through the involvement of French industry to build on emerging technologies in large cockpit displays and, in particular, on the single end-to-end cockpit display concept, Touch-Flight aims to revolutionise the way pilots interact with the aircraft by developing a new, safe and ergonomic concept of flight guidance and management using touch technology such as multi-touch and gestures with graphical displays. The new concept will contribute to the reduction of pilot workload and increased operational safety, whilst also contributing to the advancement of technologies on board the flight deck and increased competitiveness of avionics products. Within the scope of the project, a prototype interactive display will be built and the concept evaluated and demonstrated to industry.

Technical Aviation English

QuAero was engaged by leading English-language specialist school ETI Malta to deliver presentations related to technical aviation english.  The students of this course were given a taste of the importance of having a sound proficiency in the english language in the aviation world following ICAO’s requirements for language proficiency.

ATPL Ground Instruction for Hub'Air

QuAero was engaged by leading European aviation flight school, Hub’Air Aviation Academy, to deliver ground instruction for all ATPL subjects for their ab-initio courses. With Hub’Air’s main offices being set up in our home-island Malta, all major ground instruction was delivered in the new state of the art classrooms at Malta International Airport. Yet another QuAero milestone … a good way to start 2013!

MCC Instruction for Hub'Air

The QuAero Team was involved in MCC training of numerous Hub’Air students who just have successfully passed their CPL/IR exams. MCC training was done on ALSIM fixed base simulators at Hub’Air’s premises in Malta International Airport.

CRM Instruction for Blue Square Aviation

QuAero, in collaboration with Bizav, were engaged to deliver CRM training to a selection of crew members from Blue Square Aviation.  The 4-day training course included initial CRM training, training in First-Aid, Fire-Fighting, Dangerous Goods and Aviation Safety & Security.

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